Meet the Crew

Jacob Carvell is a Registered Maine Guide from Mars Hill, Maine. Jacob started this channel during his senior year of high school for a school project. Since then, Jacob has become skilled in videography and editing as well as designing. Jacob looks forward to chasing this dream with his crew and making many memories along the way.

Cameron Kane is a friend from Southern Maine. The weekend memories he made with the crew sealed his spot with the crew. Cameron will help you out with anything as long as it involves Cardboard Films. Cameron has come a long way with his XM and will always tell you he has the best Chassis. Cameron needs this dream more then any of us.

Nick Bradstreet is a mechanic from Mars Hill, Maine. When he's not working on farm equipment, he is up in the hills chasing this dream with the crew. Nick will join you in any sled trip, or any Classic Country song. No matter what it is, Nick is there to have a good time.

Wyatt Keegan is a wind technician from Fort Fairfield, Maine. The Weasel is always there to be loud and obnoxious around the crew. Wyatt is in the process of getting his Guide License and plans to tag along Jake with hunting and snowmobiling clients. Wyatt may get too loud, but he is always there to make incredible content.

Kolson Condon is a logger or "Heavy Equipment Operator" from Ashland, Maine. He may live the farthest away but he will always be there to make content. Kolson is our little friend to crack jokes about but makes a BIG impact on our group. Kolson would pack up his things and move out west tomorrow just to chase this dream.

Bird is a farmer from Mars Hill, Maine. Bird is the life of the party and the fun to this crew. Wherever we are he has a camera in his hand trying to get that perfect shot. Bird has brought a lot of content to this group and looks forward to chasing this dream.

Kyle Flewelling is a farmer from Easton Maine. Kyle is typically found at the top of a ridge with his Mountain Cat 600.He is the luckiest guy out of the group and anything will go his way. Kyle comes up with the best ideas to make content for our Hunting channel as well as our Sledding channel.

Jack Morrill, also known as "Donnie Burger" is a friend we met through our sponsor SLEDTRX. After a long off season behind the camera, we have decided to add Jack to the team for the 2023 - 2024 season. Jack is a Registered Maine Guide and will be working alongside Jacob this winter. Jack is always down for anything and will work his hardest to get the best content. Although Jack is 4 hours away in Augusta, he is always right there helping us get things done.